How to get cancer in 5 hours

A routine examination at a medical check-up offered by the company I work for.

A breast examination by the doctor.   The ominous words delivered casually:

“There’s a small lump here.  It doesn’t feel like cancer, but we’ve been told to get every lump seen by a specialist.  You’re on the company’s medical scheme aren’t you?  Here are their details.  Why not give them a ring. ”  And before I could protest, she added, “I’ll be sending letters of referral to the consultants today.”

I went to the gym 3 times a week.  I was slim.  I didn’t smoke.  I drank in moderation.  I wasn’t “old”.  I couldn’t have cancer.

I hummed and haaed over whether to call the consultants, and then over the choice of consultant.  They all had the same number of letters after their names.  In the end I liked the smile on the face of the consultant I selected.

The weekend.  I found it hard to keep from worrying.  I had two friends who were healers.  They read my energy and said they couldn’t feel the energy of the cancer.  I was buoyed up by their conviction.

(Well, when people are vulnerable, they grab at straws.)

The following week.  A Monday.  I arrive at the one-stop breast centre.