What is metabolic therapy?

Metabolic therapy is based on the principle that cancer is caused by a state of imbalance in the body.

This imbalance can be the result of environment (e.g. toxins like amalgam fillings, tobacco), a poor diet (so that the body’s defenses are weakened), which lead to cancer.  Another contributory cause are stress and negative emotions which can affect the hormonal and endocrinal systems of the body which in turn cause the body’s immune system to get depressed.  Yes, cancer may be the result of genetic flaws, but there are people walking around with genes that predispose them to cancer, and yet they don’t get cancer – why?

The fact is, everyone has cancer cells in their body, but in the case of a healthy body, the body has killer cells or genes that destroy or turn off the rogue cancer cells.  Our bodies are truly the most powerful natural healers.

There are many forms of metabolic therapy.  Many are based on special diets using fresh natural foods, juicing, supplements and and detoxification.  (The ayurvedic regime I followed was a type of metabolic therapy. )

Some forms of detoxification include coffee enemas, saunas.  Other treatments include stress-reduction meditation and visualisation.  A famous form of metabolic therapy is the Gerson therapy (a whopping 12 fresh juices and 4 enemas per day).

Metabolic therapy made sense to me because I knew that my cancer wasn’t just a result of a bad draw of the cards.

When I got the diagnosis, it wasn’t a surprise.  The five years leading up to the diagnosis had been one of the worse times in my life.  I had neglected my emotional health and also my body.  The cancer was merely a final sign post.

Cancer cells are fast-growing cells.  Chemotherapy seeks to destroy these cells at various stages of growth so they have to be given over a period of time to capture the cells at the different stages.   Unfortunately, fast-growing cells also include normal body cells (like hair and stomach cells) and these get destroyed in the process.   The amount of chemotherapy given to each patient depends on how much the body can tolerate as possible without killing the patient.  The stronger the patient, the more rounds of chemotherapy the patient can tolerate.  I was extremely fit and healthy and so would probably be an ideal candidate for multiple sessions.

Radiation depresses the immune system and can cause long-term side effects like bone cancer and by irradiating the chest – heart problems.  And there’s no guarantee the cancer won’t return in years to come.

If I’d followed what the breast consultant advised i.e. remove the cancer through surgery and using radiation and chemotherapy, this would remove the symptoms, but not address the underlying causes of the cancer.  (To paraphrase Louise Hay in her excellent CD on cancer) They could chop and chop and burn and burn and soon there would be nothing left of me!

To me it made sense to try to help my body regain its ability to heal itself, and to find my way back to wholeness.

I just had to pray it worked.