National Federation of Health “Health Awareness Conference” 25 Feb 2012

I attended the National Federation of Health’s (NFH’s) “Health Awarness Conference” on Saturday 25 Feb 2011.

I’d never heard of the NFH before, but decided to attend because one of the speakers was Barbara Wren whom my nutritionist had trained under.

It turns out that the NFH are an international nonprofit, consumer organisation working to protect individuals’ rights to choose to consume healthy food, take supplements, and use alternative therapies without government restrictions.  Sounds good so far, but what was the day like?

Barbara Wren was the first speaker.  She is the author of “Cellular Awakening“, which focuses on how your body holds and creates light and how light controls all the body’s functions. 

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Complementary treatments: how to choose one that works

Although I’ve selected intravenous vitamin C on the basis that it seemed to offer scientific evidence to back up its efficacy as well as a track record of working, I’ve come to realise that selecting a complementary cancer treatment is quite hit-and-miss really.

Today I came across the best explanation for why some complementary therapies for cancer may work for some people and not others from the alternative cancer treatment website:

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The (exhorbitant) cost of complementary therapies and a few ways to offset the cost


Updated 11 July 2016

I’ve noticed a lot of fundraising being done for people with Stage 4 cancer.  I understand that not everyone wants to sell or re-mortgage their house, or take out a loan, or run up huge bills on credit cards, or maybe they’ve already done so and have reached the limits of borrowing, or they’ve got families to think about and support and can’t stretch their finances any further.  Or maybe they just can’t imagine borrowing money in case they die.  But what I’ve noticed is that some of these people with Stage 4 who are fundraising, is well, by the time they meet their targets, it’s taken a month … two months (if they’re lucky) … and then they die before the money comes in because the cancer has become more aggressive and advanced.  What I want to say is:  if you’re Stage 4, don’t wait for the target to be reached.  Go now.  Time is critical if you’re Stage 4.  Run up the credit card bills.  Buy yourself that precious time.  And in the meanwhile, yes, fundraise like crazy.  Because the longer you live, the more money you will need to keep the cancer in remission.


When I first started out with using complementary therapies as a means to heal myself of the cancer, I hadn’t realised it was going to be so expensive.

I understand that practitioners with skill and expertise should be fairly rewarded for their service, so before you jump into the world of complementary therapies, please note that complementary therapies are not as cheap as allopathic medicine because complementary practitioners believe that they can charge a fair market rate.  Often this equates what a doctor would charge in private practice.  Unlike free treatment on the NHS, all complementary therapies must be paid for out of your own pocket.

I’ll give you a quick idea of how expensive treatments can be.

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The IV C files #3 – What an intravenous vitamin C infusion feels like

If you’ve ever had an intravenous infusion of anything, you probably know what intravenous vitamin C feels like.

An intravenous needle is just a way of breaking the skin into a vein, and the needle acts as a guide for the cannular (or fine tube) that allows the fluid to flow into the vein.  After the needle is inserted, the cannular follows and the needle is withdrawn.  Sounds simple?

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The IV C files #2 – Intravenous Vitamin C treatment – the first week

The clinic I was receiving the intravenous vitamin C treatment had a regime of 18 sessions delivered over three weeks.   This would be followed by twice-weekly follow-up sessions for three months.

When I asked why three weeks and then three months, I was told that this replicated the protocol used by the alternative cancer treatment hopsital, the Oasis of Hope in Mexico.

I would also be having daily sessions of hyperthermia and ozone therapy.

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The IV C files #1 – Intravenous Vitamin C – how it works

Just in case you’re wondering how Vitamin C (a seemingly-natural and innocuous substance) works for cancer treatment, here’s a summary from “Intravenous Vitamin C and Cancer” from

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To tell or not to tell

Apart from this blog, only you, and I, and a few other people in my life know about my cancer.

(Which is like saying the whole world and me, and quite contradictory, but the fact is, I’m still anonymous and I like to keep it this way.)

I know that not everyone will have this very private approach to cancer.  I’ve chosen to confide in as few people as possible for the following reasons:

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