Book Review “Speak the Language of Healing”

Book:  “Speak the Language of Healing:  Living with Breast Cancer without Going to War“.

Authors:  Susan Kuner, Carol Matzkin Orsborn, Linda Quigley, Karen Leigh Stroup

Publisher:  Conari Press


This is one of the best books I’ve read on how to deal with cancer.

Most books tell us that cancer is a war. We are told we have to fight it … it is a battle.  Cancer becomes a disease filled with aggressive terminology, there are conflicts, it is the enemy to be vanquished, and the people who have cancer are victims.  People who make it through the treatment are survivors and winners.  Those who die from it are defeated and seen as losers and failures.

For some, using military metaphors is helpful.  But for others, this book shows us there is a new way of thinking about and living with a life-threatening illness.

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Update on juicers

Update – December 2012

My last post on juicers was in March 2012.

I have since seen the Samson juicer in action and also used it.  It is a single auger juicer and it works fine.  It is also easier to use and accepts soft fruit without creating a mushy mess.  It takes a lot less effort to push in the veg (even hard veg like beetroot) than with my Green Kempo.

I have come a long way since this initial post, and basically, it is:  let’s not get our knickers in a twist over juicers.  As long as it juices, that’s fine.  If it’s a centrifugal juicer, that’s fine.  The main thing is to juice and let’s not waste minutes and hours over trying to squeeze more enzymes out of veg.  Life is too precious to waste!

The IV C files #4 – Still alive (and why you shouldn’t do intravenous vitamin C for cancer)

[updated 7 April 2014 – please also read my post Intravenous Vitamin C – Lessons Learned]

It’s been awhile since I last posted.

I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

When I first set up this blog it was to share my experiences with intravenous Vitamin C in resolving and healing Grade 1 breast cancer.

I was full of optimism, having talked to people for whom it worked.

However, the short of the matter is, the intravenous Vitamin C didn’t work for me.  The tumour didn’t break down.  In fact, it grew.

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