Raw vegan diet for healing cancer

If you’re thinking of going on a raw vegan diet for helping your body heal, then please go to a workshop conducted by Jill Swyers of Living Foods for Health.

I attended one of her workshops in  London earlier this year and found it incredibly useful.

Her workshops are usually run over a weekend.  In it you will learn how to juice wheatgrass, how to prepare a 3-course raw vegan meal, how to grow sprouts, how to use a dehydrator.  Best of all, the demonstrations are live, and you get to eat what Jill cooks.   I still drool when I think of her meatless sprouted chickpea burgers.

(And yes, if you’ve always had a hankering to try wheatgrass – not! – here’s your chance!  It’s actually not as bad as it smells.  It tastes green, like grass, but you won’t puke if you take it on an empty stomach.  That seems to be the trick).

Jill was a professional in the catering industry and then qualified as a Health Educator with the Hippocrates Health Institute.  The latter is the world’s number one medical spa and specialises in treating chronic conditions using nutrition and detox.

The workshops are small, so you will get plenty of opportunity to ask questions.  You will also get to meet like-minded people, who put their health first.  I found Jill to be warm, friendly, and very knowledgeable.  She also helped me overcome my dread of wheatgrass, and to realise that raw vegan food could be tasty and more importantly … filling.