What I did next … another set of infusions

So I’d tried high dose IV C, and when that didn’t work, another set of triple infusions.

This set triple infusions consisted of a vitamin cocktail, a phospholipid mix and a niacin flush.  The phospholipid mix was to do with something about the membranes of cancer cells.  I wish I’d got the explanation.  The niacin flush was to dilate [expand] the blood vessels in the body and ensure that the previous infusions were better absorbed.  They weren’t cheap – about the price of a high dose IV C.

I met a few people in this new clinic who were long-term patients – they all had tumours which were kept in check by this triple infusion.  But I didn’t come across many who had shrunk their tumours.

The doctor who ran the clinic, Dr Ziegfried Trefzer, is an amazing man.  Very compassionate – I heard how he used to give his personal phone number to his critically-ill patients and they used to contact him in the wee hours of the morning.  The clinic also offered local hyperthermia.  There was a whole body hyperthermia machine, but the option wasn’t being offered when I was there.

I was also having loads of hands-on healing from a QiGong master, ZhiXing Wang, who had a reputation for helping and in some cases, helping to bring about remission in cancer patients.

Along the way, I dabbled with the Budwig protocol, but gave that up when a nutritional genomics test showed I was lactose intolerant.

For about 4 months after that, the tumour was stable – I got this confirmed by ultrasound.

But after that the tumour grew again.  It was now a Grade II tumour.  And one of the lymph nodes had grown.

So  the infusions hadn’t worked.  Another crossroads.