Weedkiller Drives Breast Cancer Proliferation

From mercola.com


Oh, great, another article with information on can cause breast cancer.  But what I’d really like to see is an article that talks about the cause, and then has a cure or a fix.

In this case, it’s a herbicide, Roundup, that’s been shown to cause breast cancer because it has estrogenic properties.

Depressing news for the people (i.e. up to 70% of the European volunteers in the study) who have glycophosphate in their bodies.

What I want to know is:  OK, so we have glycophosphate in our bodies.  It can cause breast cancer.  So … how do I get rid of it safely?  How long does it stay in the body?

It’s in the food we eat, namely vegetables. How many people can claim to have eaten organic since they were babies?  What if it can be passed through breast milk?

Is there any point in trying to avoid it?  Is it too late?

Add this to the host of environmental toxins and substances that are carcinogenic, I’m surprised more people don’t have breast cancer or cancer of any sort.