Hallwang Clinic: Knowing I’ve made a difference …

Because of my glowing recommendation, S. and her mother went to Hallwang.

S. had Stage 4 colo-rectal cancer.  The doctors in the UK had said the tumour was inoperable and wanted to give her six months’ worth of systemic chemotherapy to shrink the tumour.  Even then there was no guarantee that the tumour would shrink sufficiently.

So I told them about Hallwang.

They went.  S. had two TACEs and one course of systemic chemotherapy.  There was tumour shrinkage of at least 30%, enough for it to be operable.

The problems started when S. and her mother returned home.  The doctors here were furious they had gone for off-label treatments, and they had to change doctors.  The scans done in Germany were not readable in this country.

Finally, new scans were done.  The tumour had shrunk sufficiently for surgery.

Last week S. had surgery.  The surgeon told them that he thought they’d wasted their money in Germany, until he saw the tumour.  He didn’t tell them how much it had shrunk, only that it had.  There was a sense that they had been naughty children, but all was forgiven now.

What the surgeon doesn’t understand is:  if someone is given a death sentence, no treatment is off-limits, too outrageous.  You will do anything to fight for your life.  Until the surgeon has walked a mile in the same shoes, he shouldn’t presume to know what is best.

My joy today is that I helped someone get another chance at life.  I’ve been struggling at times with what life is about, and it made me feel pretty good that I’ve done some good.


6 responses

  1. I found your blog while browsing the various cancer sites.I was interested as your perspective is from a UK point of view which is our experience as well.Mostly the sites are American and their health system is so different to the NHS.I am glad that you are now receiving treatment in Germany and hope that all goes well for you.We have been going to Germany for over two and a half years now as my husband refused all NHS treatment which was a wise decision.He has been a patient at Dr. Herzog’s Fachklinik and we will be returning for our 8th visit for one week. The doctors here do not understand what the treatment is about in Germany and are just not interested.You are expected to go along with the system, but I am sure you know all this.Keep well and enjoy yourself at the clinic.Bad Salzhausen has now become my holiday destination and I will spend most of the week in the spa swimming and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine..Best Diana

    • Dear Diana,

      Thank you so much for reading my blog and your kind comments.

      It’s really encouraging to know that your husband is doing well under Dr Herzog who has a very good reputation.

      I’ve had mixed results so far with my German treatments – more to come in future posts!

      I think if I had unlimited funds, I would definitely go to Germany for treatments. They are way ahead in terms of what’s available, and the legislation seems less rigid there in letting doctors give patients what they need.

      There are more integrative oncology clinics there – the happy marriage of complementary and allopathic medicine.

      Do you or your husband have a blog of your own? I’d be interested in your experiences at Dr Herzog’s. Perhaps I could e-mail you directly?

      Love and best wishes

      • Dear Rona, I have just seen your reply to me last August.
        I am glad that you have now decided to go to Germany for integrative treatment.
        It is the best of both worlds.
        You can email me privately if you want.
        Best wishes Diana

      • Hi Diana,

        I am planning to take my father to Dr. Herzog’s clinic in germany, i would appreciate if you can share your husband’s experience.


  2. Hi there
    I’m a journalist researching vitamin infusion treatments and I would love to talk to you about your experiences having just read your blog. I hope to hear from you, best wishes, Charlotte

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