Hallwang Clinic #5 – the long wait

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Hallwang4To recap:  on my first day at Hallwang, suspect lymph nodes were found and I was sent for a Pet Scan the following day.  The Pet scan was inconclusive, so a biopsy was taken.

All I had to do was wait for the results of the biopsy to find out if the cancer had metastasised.

You’d think it being Germany everything would be efficient and I would get the results asap.

In fact, the lab took 6 days to analyse the results.  This to me was amazingly inefficient seeing I’d had biopsies in the UK and they only took 2 days to process samples – Dr Kopic even called the lab everyday to chase them.  OK, there was a weekend in between, but still.

6 days in which I hardly slept, and wandered round the clinic with a tense smile on my face, worried that I’d left it too late.

Finally the results arrived:

The node was clear of malignancy.