Hallwang Clinic #10 – Oncovirus/Antisense treatment


Epstein Barr Virus

Updated 18 April 2014 re. Antisense treatment



(please note that I was under the assumption that the anti-viral treatment at Hallwang was the same as their Antisense treatment – this may not be the case, hence this re-write.  With many thanks to SH who drew this to my attention)

Antivirus Treatment

Numerous studies have now shown that some cancers can be caused by viruses.

These viruses insert themselves into the DNA of cells, and start replicating.  They turn off the cell’s protective mechanisms and cause the cells to divide without stopping.  The result is the same as cancer which is caused by uncontrolled cell growth.

Or they may damage chromosomes during the cell’s replication, resulting in powerful gene promoters which trigger oncogenes.

Viruses linked to cancer include:

What Hallwang does is to test for viruses that are in the circulating cancer cells.  It then administers the antisense treatment for that virus.  There is no guarantee that the treatment is successful – further testing is required 6 months down the road to see if the virus has been eliminated.  However, it is a huge achievement in trying to get to the cause of cancers, rather than just treat the symptoms.


If you’re at Hallwang and have tested positive for some of the viruses, please do not be embarrassed – many many people (with or without cancer) have viruses like the Epstein-Barr virus.  The issue is whether or not the virus is in the cancer cells.

Update on Antisense treatment

The traditional Antisense therapy as mentioned in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antisense_therapy may not be the same as the Antisense offered by Hallwang (I am checking up on this).  RGCC offer an antisense therapy called Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique (SOT).  SOT uses mRNA expression fingerprinting to identify certain gene expression patterns as targets without influencing the epigenetics of the patient.  Using the mRNA analysis plus CTCs (circulating tumour cells) and CSCs (circulating stem cells) and occasionally biopsies, the SOT is created.  SOTs apparently have the ability to induce apoptosis in CTCs and CSCs and all primary and metastatic tumours (and can also cross the blood-brain barrier).

For more information, please contact RGCC Greece.  In the US, there is an integrative practitioner, Dr Ray Hammon of Texas, who offers this treatment.

The Dating Dilemma

The only problem with becoming virus-free is that it made all the patients very wary of not catching any more viruses.  We had a gloomy discussion about how all our partners had to have the virus-test and be de-virused before we would even kiss them!

There was only one person I met in the clinic who tested free of viruses – he was the husband of one of the patients and he didn’t have cancer.  He was one of those lucky individuals who had the constitution of an ox – someone should clone him or turn him into a vaccine!

Another patient, N., a young and very attractive woman, had the brilliant idea of setting up an international database of virus-free men and women.  That way you could be sure of meeting someone and know that you weren’t going to catch anything dodgy from a snog!  The alternative would be to make sure that any potential date got tested for the viruses, had the antiviral treatments, and then got re-tested in six months’ time.  You would know he/she was keen on you because the tests and antivirals cost Euros 2000!


Here is a list of viruses that Hallwang tested for:



For more information on viruses and their potential role in causing cancer or other serious diseases:



And research done by the Centre for the Biology of Chronic Disease.


CBCD researcher, Dr. Hanan Polansky, discovered that foreign DNA fragments, called N-boxes, cause most major diseases.

When foreign N-boxes enter the body (naturally, or artificially, like through an injection of some treatment), they end up in the nucleus, where they attract scarce genetic resources. It is interesting that many common latent viruses have strong N-boxes in their DNA.

In the nucleus, “microcompetition” between the foreign N-boxes and the human N-boxes in the human genes can lead to a major disease. When the foreign N-boxes belong to a virus, microcompetition between the viral DNA and the human DNA can lead to disease even when the virus is latent (dormant), or the viral DNA is broken into pieces and cannot express proteins. As predicted by Dr. Hanan Polansky, many studies found fragments of DNA that belong to these viruses in tumors, clogged arteries (arterial plaque), arthritic joints, and other diseased tissues.


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