Don’t miss! Special Healing Session at the Haven – Saturday 12 October


Tuaca Kelly, a master healer, will be offering a group healing session at the London branch of the breast cancer charity, The Haven, on Saturday 12 October from 6pm to 9pm.

The group healing is called the Alignment.  Cost of the healing is special price of £40.  There are still 10 places left for this session.

Address:  The London Haven, Effie Road, London, SW6 1TB

For more information and to book your place contact

Please note:  you do NOT have to have breast cancer to attend this event, or even any cancer.  This event is open to all seekers of healing.

I was privileged to have a short 1-1 session with Tuaca today and found it a very heart-opening experience.  She was also very perceptive and intuitive, there was a stillness about her and a lightness of spirit.

For more information on Tuaca:


After a dedicated residency at Esalen Institute, Tuaca set out for southern California where in 2001, she met Roger Valentine, MS, DVM, NMD ­- a doctor that appreciated and utilized Tuaca’s unique insight and healing abilities in his medical practice. Dr. Valentine is credited as being the first to introduce Tuaca to his patients and clients as “Medical Intuitive”.  During this time, Tuaca and Roger continued to examine the intricate and vast aspects of consciousness in health, the relationship of spirit and science and cherished the accelerated growth through dedication to service that could only be measured in quantum leaps and bounds.

Group healing – The Alignment:

This focused healing event is highly beneficial for all ages. Beginning with a brief presentation to familiarize participants with general/esoteric anatomy and quantum energetic principles, we’ll move into a consciousness meditation so you are better aware of your own personal transformation taking place during the group healing.

The Alignment™ is channeled and transmitted to each wiling receiver. The cosmic and divine intelligence of this loving light energy source exchanges information with your High Self to customize the appropriate changes for you upon initiation. From subtle yet profound fine-tuning to marked transformation, your body will integrate the holon of nourishment it so deeply requires.

During The Alignment™, you are also being cleared of sabotaging and unfavorable charges then realigned with your High Self. At such time you may feel light-headed or shaking. This is a natural phenomenon of the process. You may also experience any of the following:
– noticeable muscular, skeletal and connective tissue movements/adjustments
– total chakra system balancing and enhancement- balancing of hormones, bio-chemistry and metabolism
– pineal gland activation/DMT release
– expansion and correction of your bio-field/aura
– ‘electricity’, vibrating, tingling, intense warmth, rise in energy or feel ‘lighter’
– notice the pain you had before The Alignment™ is no longer there, whatsoever, it is gone
– an immense desire to emote healing tears or laughter
– visions of energy bodies or light beings
– you may hear high-pitch buzzing or insights from your High Self or Guides
– feeling relaxed, happy and good, want to dance, run or be active