GcMAF (Maf314) cheese

Updated March 2016 – For more information on GcMAF, please join the GcMAF and GcMAF Cancer forums on Facebook – they are closed groups, so you have to wait for your membership to be confirmed.  They contain up-to-date information on sources of GcMAF, and also feedback and contributions  by people who are using GcMAF.

I reported at the start of the year that I had a glut of GcMAF yoghurt, and offered it to anyone who wanted some, but there were no takers.


Help! I’m drowning in GcMAF yoghurt!

The thought of pouring all that goodness down the drain broke my heart, so I had a brainwave, and decided to turn it into a drained cheese, and ice-cream.  I went onto the internet, and found several recipes for kefir cheese, and it looked fairly easy to make.

GcMAF Cheese is not cheese made with rennet. Instead, it’s the equivalent of cottage cheese, made by draining the yoghurt through fine muslin and a strainer, so that the solids get left behind.  I used three layers of muslin or cheesecloth (I boiled the cheesecloth and washed it to make sure I got all unwanted residue out).


The start of GcMAF Cheese. GcMAF yoghurt poured into a strainer lined with a triple layer of cheesecloth.

I let it drain over several days, adding more whenever the level dropped – the resulting ball contains about 2 litres of concentrated GcMAF yoghurt.   The whey collected in the bowl underneath and I drank that.


GcMAF cheese after several days of draining and topping up.

I then chopped up chives, and added crushed garlic and seasoned it with salt, pepper and olive oil.


The “cheese” has the texture of Philadephia cheese spread.  It is slightly tangy, with a little whiff, but not as pongy as goat’s cheese and should work well as a dip for carrot and celery sticks.  Or just imagine spreading that cool softness on a piece of hot buttery toast … umm.

Update 25 Jan 2014 – someone in the household ate the whole bowl of GcMAF cheese in one day, and reported that it made him feel sick, and he also got the squits – well, serve him right for being so piggy!  It just shows how potent GcMAF is!

[next episode – GcMAF ice-cream and blueberry compote]

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