Mastectomy #7A – The world’s best gift for anyone about to have a mastectomy

(and no … the answer is not: a pair of boobs)


Now imagine this next to your bed …. at full blast .. right next to your ear …

Based on my personal experience of the Bair Hugger (that piece of torture that’s a cross between a hair-dryer and leaf-blower and sounds like a hoover on steroids – have you ever tried sleeping with a vacuum cleaner next to your ear?  No me, neither.), the best gift you can buy anyone who’s having a mastectomy, or sharing a room in a hospital is a pair of noise-cancelling earphones.

The Bose 20/20i have won rave reviews for their excellent noise-cancelling abilities.

Bose Headphones1

If you’re a light sleeper, like I am, then this is what you need to survive a stay in hospital.  I only wish I’d thought of them.  At £259.95 I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford them, but they’re on my wish list.  They are probably available slightly-cheaper on e-bay if you can afford to wait to win an auction.


Dear Friend of Patient (who’s about to have a mastectomy):

Forget flowers, forget chocolates, candy, fruit, biscuits, books, magazines, sexy underwear.

Your friend won’t feel well enough to enjoy them, and to be honest flowers die (and then the room looks like a funeral parlour), chocolates and candy get eaten (or not, depending on what nutrition plan your friend is following), magazines remain unread and get left behind and gather dust.

But a pair of Acoustic noise-cancelling headphones will last forever, they will block out the noise of the medical equipment (especially that dastardly Bair Hugger), the snores and bodily functions and TV programmes of other people who are sharing the room/ward, the woman in the next bed who won’t stopped gossiping.  It’s like being in a private and exclusive cocoon.

Back home, these noise-cancelling headphones mean your friend will get a peaceful night’s rest.

Your friend will forever be grateful (I know I would!)!!!

Love and best wishes …



Is it a bird? Is it a Bair Hugger? No, it’s a Blackhawk!

To show you how good Bose headphones are, read this testimonial by a soldier who used them in a warzone:

If Bose headphones can cut out the sound of Blackhawks and a mortar attack, I think they can just about cope with a Bair Hugger.


Rudy, the Hallwang Rooster, on his 4am rounds

And may be … just may be, I’ve found an anti-Rudy the Hallwang Rooster weapon!


Now all I have to hope is that Bose are reading this and will send me a free pair  … !


Here is a review of the Bose QC20i noise-cancelling earphones:

Please note that the battery life is 16 hours, so they will have to be recharged from a USB point.  There is also a battery pack that is quite chunky.

The Bose QC20i is for Apple products (iPhone, iPad).  The Bose QC20 is for Windows/Android/Blackberrys.


Someone suggested a cheaper option – noise-dampening earmuffs from Peltor – £16.98 for a pair on amazon.  I have tried them.  They don’t work for me.  I trialed them in my open-plan office – there were desk moves and they crammed us three to a row – just like in a plane except without the in-flight entertainment – and I can hear every word of every phone call and conversation.  Plus I’m sat next to someone who talks out loud.  It is driving me crazy.  A good friend of mine lent me a pair of Peltor III – on amazon they’re described as designed for extreme noise environments.  Strange … I can still hear the phone calls from the colleague sitting 3 feet away.  Plus after awhile they get clammy and my ears hurt.

So please … I’d like some Bose headphones.  They will help me survive the jungle of the office.


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