Cancer and employment law – Mon 31 March – seminar at The Haven (London)

The Haven breast cancer charity in London are holding another of their popular seminars, Working it out, on Cancer and Employment Law on Monday 31 March 2014.  It is free-of-charge.

This is a must-attend for anyone with cancer wants to know what their employment rights are.


I went to last year’s seminar and it was a real eye-opener.

For example, did you know that:

  • in the UK, cancer is classed as a disability and all cancer patients have the same rights as disabled people?
  • that your employer is not allowed to sack you for cancer-related reasons (e.g. that you have cancer, that you have to take time off for cancer-related treatments, for your sickness record for cancer)
  • that even if you are in remission, you are still considered to have cancer, and still entitled to the same rights?
  • that if your employer infringes any of the rights, and you can prove it, you can sue them for UNLIMITED liability? [employers – please sit up and read this and treat your employees fairly]
  • that if you’re a partner/carer of someone who has cancer, you are also entitled to certain rights to care for them?

The speaker, Jackie Cuneen, is an employment lawyer, whose sister had breast cancer and was helped by the Haven.  She is excellent, warm and approachable, and her seminar is filled with real-life examples, discussions, practical advice, and a Q&A on your specific circumstances.

This is a very popular seminar, so register early.  I was on the wait-list, took a chance, and on the day there were two no-shows.  Otherwise it is over-subscribed.

The leaflet on the seminar is attached.  But this is what it says:

Have you been diagnosed with cancer and have questions or concerns about how this might impact you in the workplace?

This seminar is designed to give you confidence and reassurance by helping you work out your rights and protections.  You will be guided through commonly-faced issues such as:

  • Entitlement to sick pay and leave and time off for medical appointments and holiday.
  • Rights to privacy and confidentiality. What should HR, Occupational health, your manager, colleagues be told about your medical condition?
  • Changes to working arrangements, such as phased returns, reduced hours and flexible working.
  • Protection from being disciplined, dismissed, harassed or victimised and specific protection for cancer under the Equality Act 2010.

When and Where:  Monday 31st March 2014; 10.00am-12.00pm, including breaks and time for Q&A. The Haven, Fulham Broadway, London.  Please book your place at Reception on: 020 7384 0099.


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