Where to get your supplements

Updated 13 June 2016

Update March 2016 – For more information on GcMAF, please join the GcMAF and GcMAF Cancer forums on Facebook – they are closed groups, so you have to wait for your membership to be confirmed.  They contain up-to-date information on sources of GcMAF, and also feedback and contributions  by people who are using GcMAF.

See also update on Probiotics for Bio-Live Fermented Probiotic Liquid

Here’s a list of where to get supplements from if you live in the UK.  It is a work-in-progress, so if the supplement you’re looking for isn’t on this list, keep checking back.


image credit: Optimumh.co.uk

The suppliers I have selected are the distillation of my personal research. They are the best value source of specific brands of supplements to date, but this is just my personal opinion.

Please do not take this list as set-in-stone, or the best of breed.   New studies and new supplements and suppliers are always emerging, so please do your own research and shop around.  If you would like to share your findings, please leave a comment below.  You will be helping many cancer patients who are trying to make their money go further!

Most of my sources are UK- or EU-based.  That’s because shipping is usually faster, and you will not incur customs or VAT for EU shipping.

If you live in the US, then lucky you – you’ve got iHerb and e-Vitamins who sell discounted supplements.  The problem with supplements in the UK is that most of them have to be imported, and so prices are higher.  If you have friends visiting from the US, order your supplements from iHerb and e-Vitamins, have them shipped to your friends and get them to bring them over.

Ordering from the US and shipping to the UK:  If you do order from the US, please be aware that shipping sometimes takes weeks, and anything over £17 (I think) will incur customs duty and VAT – I’ve been stung by this before.  This usually takes the cost of the supplement well over what you would pay from a UK company.  Also, please be aware that a number of retailers on Amazon.co.uk are based in the US and you will be hit by the same customs duty and VAT charges (on top of shipping!).

If you want your supplements delivered quickly, order from a UK retailer.

Discounts for bulk orders:  If you are ordering in bulk, it is worth asking for a discount.  Play the cancer card if necessary – supplements are expensive!  Send the retailers a nice e-mail setting out your health issue and ask for a discount. Most will give you a discount.  I have only been refused by a few who claim that they already offer discounts on their products (Healthmonthly.co.uk is one of them).  Detoxpeople.eu have loyalty schemes and discounts – I have found dealing with them a pleasure.  They are professional and knowledgeable, even if their prices aren’t always the lowest (!).  BTW, Detoxpeople.eu is the same company as Yourhealthbasket.co.uk.

Another company I have found who exceed expectations is Oriveda.nl – they are one of the best for mushroom extracts.  Their response time to e-mails is fantastic and they are experts in mushroom extracts.

Please do not feel you have to take every supplement on this list.  If you did, you would be jiggling around like a piggy-bank.  It is just not healthy to overload your liver with too many supplements.

You will also want to vary your supplements on a regular basis (e.g. on a 3-week to 6-week cycle).  Use your tumour markers as a guide to whether the supplements are working.  You may also want to increase the dosage week by week, and then switch to another supplement.  This way the cancer cells don’t get a chance to build up resistance to the supplement.

1.  AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) – Shiitake mushroom extract:  Healthmonthly.co.uk – Quality of Life Labs AHCC Rx (500mg).  This is a very expensive extract, so shop around.  Another Shiitake variant is Lentinex which is a liquid extract.  Currently under trial and not available commercially.  Lentinex is manufactured by Glyconova.  Contact:  info@glycanova.com

2.  Avemar – the fermented wheat-extract supplement from Hungary with scientific trials and tests to show that it does work.  In pill or sachet form.  Watch out for the sachets – the old formulation have fructose/sugar, so if you’re on a low-sugar diet, go for the new formulation.  The new formulation (currently only available in the US) uses stevia as a sweetener.  Horrendously expensive.  Supposed to minimise effects of chemo and boost immune system etc.  Cheapest source (so far) is e-bay for suppliers from Hungary.

3A.  Boswellia carterii (oral)

Boswellia is an anti-inflammatory as well as a Cox-2 inhibitor.  The problem with Boswellia is its bioavailability (just like Curcumin).  There are many Boswellia supplements on the market, but for brain mets, you need a boswellia that will get through the blood-brain barrier.  The brand that Hallwang Oncology Clinic in Germany use comes from a small compounding pharmacy, CuraFaktur (info@curafaktur.de) – the product is called Bosvay and it is extracted from Boswellia carterii.  Please e-mail them for a price list (as prices may change).  It comes highly-recommended by Grace Gawler.

Life Extension Foundation have a product which combines the active ingredient of Boswellia – ApresFlex.  Best source:  Amazon.co.uk for LEF’s 5-Lox Inhibitor.

3B.  Boswellia sacra (essential oil – topical application) – aka Frankincense – most of the research into Boswellia (Frankinscence) is done on Boswellia sacra.  The best source is Oman.  Young Living do a Boswellia sacra essential oil which is distilled and bottled at their plant in Oman.  However, I had a bad experience ordering from Young Living.  For one, they are an MLM, so you have to jump through several registration hoops.  Secondly, their Boswellia Sacra is only available from their US ordering site (not on their UK site) – I ordered, it never turned up.  Finally weeks later, after chasing e-mails, it turned up.  They’d got my postcode wrong.  And I got slapped with £25 worth of import duty.  Never again.  If you have friends in Oman, get them to buy it and send it to you.

Best source UK:  The Frankincense Store in Camden

Best source US:  http://www.frankincense.net/Frankincense_c_21.html

4.  CoQ10 – You want to make sure that you buy something that has Ubiquinol or Ubiquinone – these are the active ingredients of CoQ10.  The best CoQ10 on the market is MitoQ.

Unfortunately, the company that manufactures MitoQ is based in New Zealand, and my experience with them has been that they have fixed ideas of their marketing model.  For example, they also sell a face cream containing MitoQ.  That’s fine by me.  But when I asked if they had UK retailers, they said that they would only sell through doctors, or integrative health practitioners, or via their website.  Seeing that their product is the most expensive on the market – £37.25 for a bottle of 60 (small discount if you buy 3 bottles), I told them that most doctors and integrative health practitioners in the UK would be reluctant to carry stock at that price.  I tried to persuade them to sell via detoxpeople.eu, an online supplements retailer in the UK, and they were adamant: only doctors and healthcare practitioners.  Well, their loss.  I think I finally tracked down someone in Spain (a health nutritionist) who sold me six bottles at a small discount.

Here is some very interesting research on MitoQ – the early version had its origins in a Russian lab:  http://joshmitteldorf.scienceblog.com/2014/01/14/mitoq-targeted-coq10/

5.  Cordyceps Sinensis – medicinal mushroom.  The original form was a fungus that grew on a caterpillar in the wild.  I’ve seen it myself in a TCM hall in Singapore – poor caterpillars.  Thankfully for caterpillars, they can now be grown on substrate.  Best source so far:  Oriveda.nl.  Other reputable companies producing medicinal mushrooms are: Mushroom Science and Sayan Health and of course, Paul Stamets’ Fungi Perfecti (Host Defense Mushroom) range.

6.  Coriolus Versicolor (PSP or PSK extracts) – medicinal mushroom and its active ingredients in the form of extracts PSP and PSK.  Supposed to help chemo/radiotherapy side-effects and boost NK cells.  Best value:  Oriveda.nl.  Other reputable companies producing medicinal mushrooms are: Mushroom Science and Sayan Health and of course, Paul Stamets’ Fungi Perfecti (Host Defense Mushroom) range.

7A.  Curcumin (oral)

Verdure Longvida Nutrivene (the only brand clinically-proven to pass through the blood-brain barrier) – will bind to amyloid plaque which is found in Alzheimer’s: best sources are Detoxpeople.euQnaturals (ships from Netherlands)Special Health Store UK

NOW foods Curcubrain (Longvida): e-Vitamins (ships from USA)

BCM95 curcumin – Amazon.co.uk – Life Extension do a decently-priced BCM95.

7B.  Curcumin (intravenous)

Praxis Siebenhuhner (integrative clinic in Frankfurt, Germany), Burg Apotheke (pharmacy in Konigstein, Germany).  Expect to pay about Euro 80 per 3ml vial (without shipping).

8.  Digestive enzymes – bromelain, papain, pancreatic enzymes, Wobenzym – coming soon

9.  Fish Oil/Omega 3 – coming soon

10.  GcMAF – I hesitate to include this, because there have been mixed results.  It didn’t work for me, but I’ve been told that’s because the version I was using (Goleic from gcmaf.eu) was underpowered and not really true GcMAF, only 880ng.  Whereas for cancer you need the higher strengths.  If you have to go down the GcMAF route, then I suggest buying the full-strength genuine stuff from Sansei Mirai in Japan or from Lesley Hutchings of http://mafactive.com/.  MafActive is actually a cream containing high-strength GcMAF and Frankincense (the expensive Boswellia Sacra).  The same company can also advise about European sources of GcMAF injectables.

Updated March 2016 – For more information on GcMAF, please join the GcMAF and GcMAF Cancer forums on Facebook – they are closed groups, so you have to wait for your membership to be confirmed.  They contain up-to-date information on sources of GcMAF, and also feedback and contributions  by people who are using GcMAF.

11.  Maitake – best and most potent source so far is from Oriveda.nl (based in the Netherlands).  It comes in 1g powder sachets.  Best mixed with a smoothie or juice so that it doesn’t take too mushroomy.

12.  Master Amino Acid Pattern (MAP) – coming soon

13. Melatonin – coming soon

14.  Modified Citrus Pectin

PectaSolC:  Detoxpeople.eu, or search on Amazon.co.uk

15.  Probiotics – if you have money to burn and like to make your own, then Bravo Probiotics has a kefir+yoghurt kit that claims to contain GcMAF.  This has not been proven.   Your best bet is to take a good probiotic, and the one that was recommended to me is Prescript-Assist which I get from detoxpeople.eu, but there are other probably cheaper sources.  There are loads more brands around, best to see what works for you.


image from Bio-Live

Updated 27 March 2016 – a new probiotic has come on the market which is fermented, for better bioavailability.  It is called Bio-Live and comes in dark and blonde versions.  The dark version is stronger tasting as the bacteria are fed with molasses.  It costs 5 billion probiots per 20ml serving.  Both versions contain 11 different strains of probiotics.  It’s being used by a lot of practitioners in the UK.  I’m very excited about it as it’s cheaper than many other probiotics on the market.  I’ve also met one of the creators of the product, and he is an expert on all things to do with probiotics.

16.  Quercetin

17. Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum) medicinal mushroom extract:  Oriveda.nl.  Please note that for estrogen-positive breast cancer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute recommend a water-extract, and not an ethanol extract.  Other reputable companies producing medicinal mushrooms are: Mushroom Science and Sayan Health and of course, Paul Stamets’ Fungi Perfecti (Host Defense Mushroom) range.

18.  Resveratrol – coming soon

19.  Salvesterol (Platinum) – coming soon

20A.  Vitamin C (oral)

Liposomal Vitamin C:  Yes, I know that Altrient [previously known as LivOn] are the established market brand, but detoxpeople.eu do a version in a bottle and I’ve found it easier to dispense from a bottle instead of fiddly sachets.  Of course, sachets probably are a better way of preserving the Vitamin C.  But if you get 10% discount from detoxpeople, the bottles are better value.  The GcMAF clinic used lipsomal Vitamin C from detoxpeople.

Home-made liposomal Vitamin C is not of the same quality as commercially-made liposomal Vitamin C.

20B.  Vitamin C (intravenous)

At the end of the day, despite what the research shows, Liposomal Vitamin C does not deliver the same serum [blood] levels as intravenous vitamin C – I heard this from Dr Contreras at a conference in London, and it’s been confirmed by research conducted by the University of Kansas.  IV Vitamin C is horrendously expensive in the UK – 50g IV costs about £150 per infusion, or more depending on the practitioner.  And unfortunately UK practitioners lack the facilities or motivation to test for serum levels.  You may as well go to Germany and do an intensive course because it’s cheaper there, plus you will have access to off-label treatments.  If you do want to go down the IV route in the UK, try the following integrative practitioners:

Hightree Medical (Dr Siegfried Trefzer) – Uckfield, Sussex

Dr Nicola Hembry – Bristol area

Vision of Hope clinic (Dr Andre Young-Snell) – Brighton

21.  Vitamin D – coming soon


List of Suppliers:


detoxpeople.eu or yourhealthbasket.co.uk – will give discounts


etalpure.co.uk – will give discounts – seems to have gone offline, not sure why, they had some fantastic products at discounted prices.

Healthmonthly.co.uk – won’t give discounts, but their prices are ace anyway.  Shipping sometimes slow – I think they are based in Malta/Gibraltar [???]

Oriveda.nl – high-potency mushroom extracts – honest about what’s in their products, will produce Certificates of Analysis, will give discounts for bulk orders

Specialhealthstore.co.uk – will give discounts.



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