Why the long silence and hello 2015

terminator-im-back Since I last posted in December 2014 I’ve been through a divorce, a house sale, the start of conventional cancer treatments, and oh yes … my beloved favourite cat died of cancer. There, that’s out of the way now. My life is so un-funny it’s funny. I do hope that by telling you all this it gives you a sense of gratitude about whatever shit is going on in your life.  All around me my colleagues were having babies, buying houses and getting married and going on honeymoon.  I felt like the evil Black Fairy at a christening bringing the Anti-matter of Happiness.  They should name a Black Hole after me. Hence the long silence, it’s been hard to summon any motivation to post when I was trying to juggle so many balls at once and also wanting not to share too much misery with the world! But I got a nice e-mail from a blog reader asking after me.  How much of it was curiosity as to whether I was still alive [which is a common question if you see a cancer patient hasn’t updated their blog for 6 months], or true concern, I don’t know, But I was touched by his kind words.  I’ve also seen from the stats that my blog is still being read even though I’ve been quiescent.  So it’s been a nice boost to know I’m helping someone.  Or at least I hope I am.  I’ve got a fearful lot of catching up to do, but it might prove therapeutic and help me get some sense of getting somewhere. So here I am.  Hello 2015.


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  1. So glad to hear you’re up and about! I was worried about you as I’m sure a lot of others were too. Sounds like you’ve been having a crappy time. Shame to hear, but there is so much to be grateful for. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference sometimes. Anti-depressants also help (j/k) xoxoxoxo

    • I am so happy to hear from you although you seem to be having a difficult time.I have thought about you and how you were. I had given up hope to ever hear from you and am glad that I was proved wrong. My husband is the patient and has just come back from a one day trip to Germany for treatment and you would be surprised how many people are surviving and living well.We ourselves have been very fortunate . I believe that you need to look after yourself to the point of seemingly selfishness.Do what you think is best for yourself . You deserve it.

  2. Great that you are back writing your blog. Sorry to hear what you are going through, cancer seems to have a knack of throwing a spanner in the works of life, so I can relate. I also have breast cancer and I am now stage four. I am currently considering the German clinics and would love to talk to you about your experiences.

  3. Hi how are you? I came across your blog by accident… As I can see you’ve been through all varieties of treatments… all that comes to my mind is… have a look on youtube about someone, who is called mooji. Have a sunny day! Cheers from Ireland.

  4. I just fell onto this blog and think you are a wonderful writer…. Writing with a deft and delicate hand which translates into warm, enjoyable pieces to read. Even this lowdown on how many lousy things to manage in the past 5 months on top of your health was enjoyable to read…. Now there’s a talent! I read between your lines to presume that you’re a giver; no matter how much is taken from you, you want something good to come from you. It shows. I wish I could give you something back beyond this acknowledgement. Your generosity is extraordinary.

    My cancer is gastric but I like your blog so much that I’m going to keep reading your pieces even if they are not relevant to my situation.

    • Dear Tamara,

      Thank you for reading my blog, and your kind comments! I am blushing! I have often wondered if people are reading my blog, and it’s fantastic to get such wonderful feedback. It kind of gives me motivation to write more, to know that I am reaching out, and hopefully, helping people.

      I am always so thrilled when my blog is relevant to and resonates with someone. The cancer journey is a weird one. I bet everyone’s got a story about their journey – have you got a blog too?

      Love and best wishes,

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