Happy 2017 and a video: Natasha Laing – from Stage 4 breast cancer to remission

Happy 2017.  I am still alive!

To all of you who are struggling in your journeys with cancer, I want to share this interview of a friend of mine, Natasha Laing.

Natasha had Stage 4 breast cancer with mets to the lungs and bones which deteriorated until she was placed in a hospice.

You would think this would be the end, but Natasha is probably the only person I know who got out of a hospice.  Her cancer is now in remission.

I don’t normally post videos of this nature as it opens me to accusations of offering false hopes (usually from people who don’t have cancer) and in many cases, these are unverifiable examples of spontaneous remission.  There will also be people who will accuse me of encouraging people not to follow allopathic treatments.  For these people I would like to point out that even people who follow allopathic treatments die.

I offer this video because I know Natasha and her story is real and accurate.  She had some treatment for her cancer, but it was minimal.  Regardless of what treatment she had (and I know some cynics are already saying that maybe it was the treatment that worked by stimulating her immune system), she walked out of a hospice and a death sentence!

It doesn’t matter what treatment you have for breast cancer, if it works, it works and let’s celebrate this miracle.

May your 2017 be filled with similar miracles and may you have complete success in any treatments you pursue, and experience NED (no evidence of disease)!!!


6 responses

  1. What a nice beginning to the New Year to hear from you again.I have enjoyed this video and agree with much of what was expressed in the talk.I am sure that you have discovered much of these things yourself to help you move forward.Our family has also moved forward in the sense that they are bored with any discussion of their father’s health as he lives his life to the full and is still working full time etc. Many blessings to you. Diana.

  2. Thanks for this lovely video i wonder about endogenous canabinoids that feeling of peace and joy that she exudes, the lack of fear even in the face of not being able to breathe truly brave and amazing. Also many aspects her journey reminds me of Ian Gawlers case of sarcoma healing in australia. Dont be afraid of posting such videos its a well known intensely studied phenomenon.http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150306-the-mystery-of-vanishing-cancer and a quick google brings up peer reviewed publications dealing with such cases

  3. Thanks for posting this video I’ve started watching it. The below video website address entitled “Dr. Sam Chachoua – The end of terminal disease as we know it! The truth revealed”
    Shows a tumor disappearing on ultrasound about an hour into the video.

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  5. Just watched u tube video. Brought tears to my eyes and jingles to the cockles of my heart. Would be great to be in contact with Natascha…..she’s a friend from an earlier time.

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