Updated 21 September 2014

The WWW is full of blogs on cancer, here is a sampler that I have come across and felt were relevant or unique:

Journeying Beyond Breast Cancer – award-winning blog on life after breast cancer –

The Cancer Curmudgeon –

Breast cancer –

Breast cancer –

Best photos on the web of a mastectomy and port implantation – no holds barred – by a breast cancer patient – highly-highly recommended if you have a strong stomach and want to really know what goes on:

Fantastic site on cancer research by a scientist whose wife got cancer:

Peter Trayhurn – metastatic colon cancer – love his passion.  His blogs ooze joy of life.  Given less than six months to live, Peter is still alive more than a year down the road (as at writing, 2013).  Controversial and not afraid of sticking his head above the parapet.  Best blog on what it’s like to use cancer immunotherapies, the ketogenic diet and treatment in German cancer clinics.  Very open, very public, very heart on his sleeve – photos, medical records etc.  This guy has got (er…) guts!  … 2017 update:  Peter died in 2017.  A great loss.  I can’t speak.

Ren – also metastatic colon cancer.  Very elegant and clear explanations on immunotherapies and supplements.  Great sense of humour!  Ren has a degree in biochemistry and it tells.  Unfortunately, Ren passed away in October 2013.

Sylvia’s news – cancer of unknown origin – blog on Herzog’s clinic.  Good blog to give you an idea of what it’s like in a popular German cancer clinic that is not Hallwang.  Sylvia worked as a counsellor for HIV patients and her blog reflects her intelligence, sensitivity and perceptiveness.  Sylvia passed away in November 2013.

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