The IV C files #2 – Intravenous Vitamin C treatment – the first week

The clinic I was receiving the intravenous vitamin C treatment had a regime of 18 sessions delivered over three weeks.   This would be followed by twice-weekly follow-up sessions for three months.

When I asked why three weeks and then three months, I was told that this replicated the protocol used by the alternative cancer treatment hopsital, the Oasis of Hope in Mexico.

I would also be having daily sessions of hyperthermia and ozone therapy.

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The IV C files #1 – Intravenous Vitamin C – how it works

Just in case you’re wondering how Vitamin C (a seemingly-natural and innocuous substance) works for cancer treatment, here’s a summary from “Intravenous Vitamin C and Cancer” from

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What is metabolic therapy?

Metabolic therapy is based on the principle that cancer is caused by a state of imbalance in the body.

This imbalance can be the result of environment (e.g. toxins like amalgam fillings, tobacco), a poor diet (so that the body’s defenses are weakened), which lead to cancer.  Another contributory cause are stress and negative emotions which can affect the hormonal and endocrinal systems of the body which in turn cause the body’s immune system to get depressed.  Yes, cancer may be the result of genetic flaws, but there are people walking around with genes that predispose them to cancer, and yet they don’t get cancer – why?

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