Hallwang Clinic #7 – look ma – no veins! PICC line to the rescue

Pic line

PICC line/central venous line (after removal) with two lumens

Because of a series of high dose IV C infusions, my veins were non-existent or brittle as they hadn’t been flushed with saline after each session of IV C.

I had one or two faithful and hardworking veins which I trotted out whenever I needed blood tests or infusions.  But they were getting tough and bruised.  One of them was also in an awkward position, on the underside of the arm, next to the elbow.  Getting to it required advance yoga practice.

My experiences with IV C had included 5 attempts to find a vein.  So as you can imagine, I wasn’t looking forward to the multiple sharp-and-pointy experiences that awaited me at Hallwang.

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