Integrative clinics/oncology clinics/doctors/cancer consultants

Mr Mark Kissin, FRCS, Breast and Melanoma Surgeon

Dr Nicola Hembry – Bristol, UK – for RGCC test

Dr Ziegfried Trefzer – Hightree Medical – Uckfield, Sussex, UK – for RGCC test, infusions, compassion

Dr Andre Young-Snell, Vision of Hope Clinic, Brighton – intravenous Vitamin C

Biolab, London – for nagalase test (GcMAF), also blood draw for RGCC tests

Hallwang private oncology clinic – Germany – cutting-edge treatments not available in the UK

Address:  Silberwaldstraße 34, D-72280 Dornstetten-Hallwangen, Germany

Tel.: +49 7443 964 24-0, Fax: +49 7443 964 24-99

Grace Gawler, Cancer Advocate and strategist.  For UK-based patients and anyone interested in joining her Medi-tours to Hallwang:

Christopher Etheridge, Cancer Consultancy (PhD Biochemistry)

Patricia Peat, Cancer Options

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