My support team

Updated 1 March 2014

Breast surgeon:

Mr Mark Kissin – Royal Surrey Hospital and Mount Alvernia Hospital, Guildford, Surrey

Peripheral Nerve surgeon:

Mr Marco Sinisi, Royal London Orthopaedic Hospital and The Wellington Hospital

Cancer strategists/consultants

Grace Gawler – 38 years of experience, 14,000 clients – very international, very good knowledge of cancer clinics and treatments, especially on colo-rectal and bowel issues.

Patricia Peat – Cancer Options (UK) – ex-oncology nurse.  Very good knowledge of medical network and options in the UK and abroad.

Christopher Etheridge –  PhD, MRSC. MCPP, BSc (Hons) Phyto, BSc (Hons) Chem, CChem, DoIC, ARCS. and Western medical herbalist


John Tindall (South London) – also traditional Chinese medicine practitioner

Rachel Peckham (West London)

Wainwright Churchill (Muswell Hill, London)


Emily Jackson – Leinster Square Osteopaths (Central London)

Peter Clark – frozen shoulder specialist – Highgate Osteopathic and Shoulder Clinic

Pawel Wiacek – myofascial release (especially for post-breast surgery scarring), cranio-sacral –

Inner Work/Counsellors:

Gosia Gorna (South London, also at The Haven, breast cancer charity)

Carrie Harris (Cambridge) and by Skype.

QiGong – Hua Gong form

ZhiXing Wang – Dao Hua School, Chinese Heritage

John Tindall at the Yuan Clinic, Colliers Wood, South London

Margaret Miller in South Kensington

2 responses

  1. Thanks for writing about us. I have put millions in and will get this to market. My mom died of Stage IV breast cancer at 59. We have boosted the neutrophil count when drugs designed to so have failed, CIPN is easy for us to prevent and reverse. We are working on bone pain and how to deliver the solution with interchangeable hand and feet pads with a different nanometer range. We didn’t get into the good folks based in Rochester, MN by accident but rather through divine intervention.

    • Dear Bradford, it was my pleasure. If I win the Euromillions tonight (£85 million draw) I will give you the money in person. Thank you for daring to be innovative. Good luck and all the best. I really hope and pray it comes to market because there are too many cancer patients suffering needlessly out there from the side-effects of CIPN. Best wishes, Rona

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