Why B is for Bananas …

The location:  A clinic in the UK, specialising in using metabolic therapy to treat cancer, with the focus on high-doses of intravenous Vitamin C and nutrition.

The science:  There are hits and myths about sugar feeding cancer but consensus is that sugar is a definite no-no.  This includes fruit which contains high-levels of fructose, a type of sugar.

Because of this, all of us at the clinic are on a strict diet which includes no fruit, only veg.

(I’m finding this challenging and so am slowly transitioning, still permitting myself an apple and two bananas a day as I find it promotes, er-hem … regularity. )

We’ve all had the same nutritionist, so a lot of our food taboos are the same:  no fruit, no wheat, no dairy, no coffee or tea, minimal meat etc. etc.

The nutritionist’s name is Shareen and when we’re gathered together for the intravenous vitamin C session, the discussion invariably drifts towards food, comparing notes on what we’re allowed and not, with the inevitable “Shareen says …”.

We waxed wistfully about the good-old-days when we could sit at a cafe and just indulge.

My fantasy was a scone, still warm from the oven, slathered in butter and sandwiched with a thick layer of clotted cream and jam.

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