The cost of Bravo Probiotic — GcMAF Yoghurt — Maf314 — someone find me a camel!

For more information on GcMAF, please join the GcMAF and GcMAF Cancer forums on Facebook – they are closed groups, so you have to wait for your membership to be confirmed.  They contain up-to-date information on sources of GcMAF, and also feedback and contributions  by people who are using GcMAF.

Updated 21 June 2014 – there is a new version of Bravo Probiotic called EasyKit – like it says on the can it is easier to prepare and is also slightly-cheaper because it comes with colostrum already included.

Updated 21 March re. daily cost of Bravo Probiotic, with adjustments for interest rates and also addition of US$ cost.

I’ve previously posted about Maf314 (which is the original version of Bravo Probiotic).

Now thanks to the generosity of friends and family who donated to my cancer-fighting fund, I’ve been able to afford a new set of Bravo Probiotic cultures.

GcMAF Success

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