Best of Breast: news for week ending 25 October 2013

A sweep of the latest medical developments in breast cancer from Google Alerts, for the week ending 25 October 2013.

[Google Alerts is currently top-heavy on the fund-raising and charity events as it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, including pinkwashing news about a tweeting bra – I kid you not!  

So if I’ve missed something out, my apologies. Please post any new developments that I’ve missed out in the comments box and I’ll be glad to include them in the compilation, and include an acknowledgement of your contribution.]


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1.  Poor Breast Cancer Prognosis Associated With Low Vitamin D Levels

(This statement is nothing new, but I put it at No. 1 because it meant a happy photo.)  There have been loads of studies done on Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, and cancer.  The question is:  what is an optimal level of Vitamin D?  Too much can lead to death from other causes instead of cancer – imagine the irony!  I’m in the process of writing a post “Vitamin D – are you getting too much?”

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Best of Breast: news for week ending 13 Sept 2013

A summary of the developments in breast cancer research from Google Alerts for the week ending 13 September 2013.

1.  Hormone therapy may NOT pose higher cancer risk in some women

“Taking hormones to treat the symptoms of menopause is thought to increase women’s risk of breast cancer, but this risk doesn’t rise equally in all women, a new study finds.

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