Hallwang Clinic #10 – Oncovirus/Antisense treatment


Epstein Barr Virus

Updated 18 April 2014 re. Antisense treatment



(please note that I was under the assumption that the anti-viral treatment at Hallwang was the same as their Antisense treatment – this may not be the case, hence this re-write.  With many thanks to SH who drew this to my attention)

Antivirus Treatment

Numerous studies have now shown that some cancers can be caused by viruses.

These viruses insert themselves into the DNA of cells, and start replicating.  They turn off the cell’s protective mechanisms and cause the cells to divide without stopping.  The result is the same as cancer which is caused by uncontrolled cell growth.

Or they may damage chromosomes during the cell’s replication, resulting in powerful gene promoters which trigger oncogenes.

Viruses linked to cancer include:

“Man With Friend With Cancer ‘Going Through A Rough Time”

Updated 5 January 2014 re. cancer fatigue

I’ve written two posts on the book “Cancer Etiquette” as guides to what to say or not to say if someone you know has cancer:

Book reviews – Cancer Etiquette Part 1

Books review – Cancer Etiquette Part 2 – what to say and not to say to someone who has cancer

The following article, from the Onion (a satirical site), is a gentle poke at what is usually an awkward subject, a kind of reverse cancer story from the point-of-view of the friend of the cancer patient.   It takes all the standard cliches of a cancer patient’s journey and applies it to the supporting friend.

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