Hallwang Clinic #6 – boosting the immune system with infusions


Updated 15 December 2013 with information on where to purchase Hepa-Mertz if you are living in the UK

One thing was sure, the clinic moved fast.  There wasn’t a day when I wasn’t doing treatments or infusions.  Five hours after I arrived I was hooked up to infusions.

Infusions are a way of introducing supplements and boosters intravenously.  They are very effective because they go straight into the bloodstream, where the body can immediately use them.

The infusions themselves weren’t expensive averaging Euro20 for a combination e.g Zinc, Vitamin C, Hepa-Mertz (a liver detox), Glutathione.  Compare this to the cost of a single dose of IV C in the UK at £150-£200, and it was like being in a candy store.

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What I did next … another set of infusions

So I’d tried high dose IV C, and when that didn’t work, another set of triple infusions.

This set triple infusions consisted of a vitamin cocktail, a phospholipid mix and a niacin flush.  The phospholipid mix was to do with something about the membranes of cancer cells.  I wish I’d got the explanation.  The niacin flush was to dilate [expand] the blood vessels in the body and ensure that the previous infusions were better absorbed.  They weren’t cheap – about the price of a high dose IV C.

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