Fulda 2013 conference #2: GcMAF (Professor Ruggiero)


The Christmas Market at Fulda


Updated March 2016 – For more information on GcMAF, please join the GcMAF and GcMAF Cancer forums on Facebook – they are closed groups, so you have to wait for your membership to be confirmed.  They contain up-to-date information on sources of GcMAF, and also feedback and contributions  by people who are using GcMAF.

Updated 16 Mar 2014 re. vortex mixer

I’d previously written on GcMAF:

Supplement:  GcMAF and Supplement:  GcMAF yoghurt and my latest post, a talk given by Professor Ruggiero at the GcMAF clinic in February 2014.

Well, at the Fulda Integrative Cancer Conference 2013, I finally got to meet the famous Professor Ruggiero, who is the scientist behind the latest research on GcMAF.

(Professor Ruggiero is that rare beast, the research scientist who has also practiced as a radiologist, so he understands cancer in a way that very few pure research scientists do, having been at the coal face of cancer treatment.)


image credit: copyright Prof. Ruggiero

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