Websites I consult

Updated 17 March 2014

All research on Pubmed (peer-reviewed) and Scopus or Medline.

Chris Woollam’s CancerActive site.  One of the best sources of complementary therapies.  Awesome in terms of information – you could spend days ploughing through the material.  You have been warned!

Cancer on Immunotherapies – best layman explanation on the role of immunotherapies in cancer.

Food For Breast Cancer – the owner of the site is a breast cancer survivor.  This is one of the best cross-referenced and researched sites on foods to eat or avoid for breast cancer.  By foods, this includes supplements and botanicals.  Highly-recommended for its independence.

Dr Bradstreet on GcMAF and autism

Life Extension Foundation – especially for their cancer protocol and supplements

Any immunotherapy video by Mobeen Sayed


Grace Gawler – cancer strategist

For UK and Europe-based enquiries (with details of a new MediTour to Hallwang):

For Australia and International enquiries:

Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic

Silberwaldstraße 34
D-72280 Dornstetten-Hallwangen

Telefon: +49 7443 964 24-0
Fax: +49 7443 964 24-99


Chemosensitivity testing, or Circulating Tumour Cell Count tests:


RGCC Greece

There is another lab I’ve come across that has a very good reputation for accuracy – it is Maintrac in Germany:

In the US, Ralph Moss recommends:

Weisenthal Cancer Group – Huntingdon Beach, CA

Rational Therapeutics – Robert A. Nagourney, MD


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