What I did next: which overseas cancer clinic?

Update 5 February, 2015:  please note that I have been receiving reports from patients that Hallwang Clinic’s services are not meeting expectations and Grace Gawler no longer runs Medi-Tours to Hallwang.  Therefore, before you go to Hallwang, please get it in writing that the oncologist and Prof Vogl will be there throughout your stay.


I am not if stubborn (or naive).  I knew that the tumour had to come out, yet I was terrified of surgery.  And I was annoyed with myself for having allowed the tumour to progress and grow.  I wanted a better surgical outcome.

The complementary therapy clinics in the UK had not, so far, been able to offer me a satisfactory solution – I did not want to waste the rest of my life living with a tumour.

So I decided to look into the treatment of cancer in overseas clinics to see if they could offer me a better surgical outcome – to shrink the tumour and the lymph nodes and to get clear margins.  Also, I wanted if possible, to save the nipple.

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