Fulda 2013 conference #6: Leaky-Gut: Dietary regimen with MAP and GcMAF (Dr Florian Schilling) – also warning re. glutathione and cancer cells


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Updated March 2016 – For more information on GcMAF, please join the GcMAF and GcMAF Cancer forums on Facebook – they are closed groups, so you have to wait for your membership to be confirmed.  They contain up-to-date information on sources of GcMAF, and also feedback and contributions  by people who are using GcMAF.

Updated 21 September 2014 – a reader, Yulia Dolgopolova ND Sc.D, left a comment:  apparently Vitamin D dosage depends on metabolic type.  The Sun is the best source, but it is safe to take 2000-6000 UI daily for the special health conditions (D3 solution must be organic virgin olive oil or high quality cod liver oil with low vitamin A); days ON & days OFF are essential to maintain the balance (for example, D3 for 20-25 days, then rest for 5-7 days).  An interesting book to read: Vitamin D by David Feldman et. al., 3rd edition (Amazon.com)

Florian Schilling studied pre-clinical medicine at the Ludwig-Maximillian-Universitat Munchen (LMU), and then trained as an alternative practitioner, with his own clinic since 2006, specialising in integrated and complementary tumour therapy, CFS/ME, general regulatory medicine and detoxification.  He has been a lecturer at the Paracelsus College in Munich since 2007, and lectures both in Germany and internationally.


GcMAF can be obtained from Sansei-Mirai or ImmuneBiotech.


Leaky gut is not something I’ve considered part of my anti-cancer protocol. I’m not sure why – perhaps it’s because I’ve always had a cast iron stomach, able to eat most foods, and enjoy good digestion.  But after Florian Schilling’s talk (and a later presentation by Dr ) I’ve come to realise that just because I can digest food doesn’t mean I have a good gut – there are things happening at a molecular level that I may not be aware of, that is contributing to the environment that helped nurture the cancer.

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Best of Breast: news for week ending 6 December 2013

A summary of Google Alerts for the latest medical developments in breast cancer for the week ending 6 December 2013.

There are two articles this week on Vitamin D.  I’ve posted previously on Vitamin D, and originally assumed (based on the research) that deficiency in Vitamin D led to the disease – French scientists now posit that it’s the contrary – that the disease leads to the deficiency, so supplementing may not lower the risk of cancer.

I know the first article isn’t a medical development, but it’s a feel-good story.  It’s not always such a happy ending of course, pregnancy hormones can fuel cancer and there are mothers who face cancer and the cruel dilemma of having to go through cancer treatment during pregnancy.

Further down the list, a study proving that women who have abortions face a higher risk of cancer – the irony of the juxtaposition in this weeks’ round-up is not lost on me!  And finally, there are women who are using their bras as pockets for their cell phones – with obvious results.

Pregnant belly

image credit: thenakedscientists.com

1.  Mother who didn’t even know she was expecting, discovers pregnancy hormones had destroyed cancerous tumour

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