GcMAF at work — Bravo Probiotic — myths of the dangers of dairy products for cancer patients (a talk by Prof. Marco Ruggiero)

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Please note:  The opinions expressed in this talk are academic considerations only and they are not intended to represent medical advice to anyone. If you need medical advice, please refer to your healthcare professional.

To listen to the talk:  https://soundcloud.com/bisforbananascisforcancer/02-12-ruggiero-gcmaf-in-action


The GcMAF clinic in Switzeland

What is GcMAF and what is its role in cancer?

GcMAF is like a hormone, a neurotransmitter, a messenger that our body uses to promote wound repair, immunity and improve immune surveillance.

The concept of being cancer-free does not exist.  We always have cancer cells in our body, even from the moment we are born.  This is different from having a cancer that has a mass and infiltrates in our body.  The reason we do not have cancer of this sort is due to a mechanism called immuno-surveillance – the immune system is able to recognise cancer cells and destroy them.  This is called the induction of apoptosis provoked by the immune system.  But sometimes the immune system is no longer able to recognise and destroy the cancer cells and the cancer cells form a mass that we define as a tumour.

GcMAF was discovered by Prof Yamamoto in 1994.  Professor Ruggiero collaborated with him in 2010.

The old version of GcMAF

The old concept of GcMAF identified GcMAF as a single protein.  It was also called vitamin-D binding proteins to domain 1 and in the so-called domain 3 which is the third part of the protein close to the terminal, there is an amino acid called serine in position 420 (i.e. 420th amino acids of the chain) and there are 3 sugars attached, and one of these sugars, n-acetyl galactose is responsible for the biological action of GcMAF.

This is the old version of GcMAF.  It could only be administered via injection and not through the digestive tract or other ways.

The new version of GcMAF


The new concept of GcMAF was established last year as a joint collaboration between the University of Florence and a laboratory in Cambridge (Macro Innovations Ltd) for a new model for the molecular assembly of GcMAF.

The old proteins remained, but we discovered that there are two other molecules attached to it which are indispensable for its function.

One is Vitamin D (already known) and our discovery was the oleic acid that specifically binds to a region of the protein which  is identified by a series of amino acids.  This binding of oleic acid to a string of 88 amino acids of the GcMAF molecule confers to this molecule particular properties that made it 200-fold more efficient than pure GcMAF without oleic acid attached to it.

Why?  Because this is the physiological GcMAF, in other words, GcMAF in our body is not a pure protein, but a protein with oleic acid and Vitamin D bound to it.  There is no need to bind Vitamin D to the GcMAF because there is plenty of Vitamin D in our body, in fact we ask cancer patients to supplement with Vitamin D, so Vitamin D naturally binds to GcMAF, but there is a need to bind the oleic acid to the GcMAF in the laboratory if we want to synthesise a compoud that resembles the physiological compound, i.e. goleic.

Is this completely unique and new?  No.  This research has been around for a number of years.

Myths of the dangers of dairy products


Friend or foe? image credit: commons.wikimedia.org

There are a lot of myths of the dangers of dairy products, milk and cow milk in particular.  These are legends.  When we look for truth in science (which is a misnomer because according to the philosophers of science there is no truth, only observations that can be replicated), don’t look to the internet, but look to the databank of Pubmed, and Scopus (from Elsevier).  Whatever you read here has at least gone through the peer-reviewed process of scientists.

Paper published Nov 2010 “Structure and function of human α-lactalbumin made lethal to tumor cells (HAMLET)-type complexes“[pubmed 20977665] – describes some proteins from humans or cow milk, when associated with oleic acid they become highly tumouricidal, that is, kill tumour cells in a very selective way.

This complexes of proteins from milk together with oleic acid was called HAMLET – human alpha lactalbumin made lethal to tumour cells.  This lactalbumin was in cow milk, but this actually happens every time whenever a protein in milk is associated with oleic acid.  Gc protein and GcMAF are present in milk.  That is why we have these fermented milk products like Bravo probiotics that are very rich in GcMAF for the simple reason that the Gc protein precursor is present in a decent concentration in milk and in a higher concentration in colostrum which is one of the major components of this product.

Since the discovery of HAMLET, a wealth of information has been accumulated on proteins complexed with oleic acid.

Dec 2013 paper “Bovine lactoferrin binds oleic acid to form an anti-tumor complex similar to HAMLET” [pubmed] described other proteins present in milk, called lactoferrins, bind oleic acid to form an anti-tumour complex similar to HAMLET which exceeded highly-selective anti-tumour activity in vitro and in vivo.

Say goodbye to all those legends about dairy products!

In fact dairy products contain the most powerful and most selective anti-tumour molecules present in nature, and highly-selective means that unlike chemotherapy which kills any types of cells, these complexes between oleic acid and proteins they keep selecting the tumour cells.  They conclude that the study provides a theoretical basis for investigation into protein oleic acid complexes.

Goleic is exactly something that belongs to this family of milk-derived proteins complexed with oleic acid that are made lethal to tumour cells.

Research paper 2013 – “Milk-derived proteins and peptides in clinical trials” [pubmed 24018446] with the exception of lactoferrin which will be the subject of another article because lactoferrin has very powerful immunogenic properties, just like GcMAF.  These milk constitutents are use in health promoting infant formula, as well as in modified form [i.e. associated with oleic acid] in HAMLET to treat cancer.

Dairy is used by scientists to treat cancer.  In conclusion, these milk-derived products are safe and effective measures in the prevention and treatment of infectious, auto-immune and neoplastic diseases.  Goleic is part of this family.

Actually when we were thinking of names for the new version of GcMAF, my suggestion was DOMLET.  Vitamin D Oleic acid MLET.  For a number of reasons, associated with commercial purposes, Goleic was the name selected.  Goleic belongs to this type of research into HAMLET proteins that has gone on for the past 24 years.

GcMAF and cancer


GC protein-derived macrophage-activating factor decreases α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase levels in advanced cancer patients” [pubmed 24179708].  Yamamoto’s paper – published by Dr Lyn Thyer and the cover of Oncoimmunology (Oncoimmunology. 2013 Aug 1;2(8):e25769. Epub 2013 Jul 29).

In 2007 – Yamomoto described the effects of immunotherapy of GcMAF on metastatic breast cancer patients.  He did not show any Cat scans of tumours shrinking.  This was done two years later by the Cancer Institute of Nagasaki.  They transplanted human hepato-carcinoma cells into mice, and you can easily see the 97% tumour reduction in the treatment group using 40ng/kg/day subQ GcMAF for 3 weeks.


Results from our laboratory:  Petri dish with human breast cancer cells 24 hours after GcMAF treatment – 68% less cancer cells.  They underwent apoptosis.

How can you determine that GcMAF is working in our bodies?



The macrophages release nitric oxide which has powerful anti-tumoural and anti-microbial effects and also lowers blood pressure because it causes vaso-dilation.  We can measure this by measuring the blood pressure before and after, or look at the blood flow in the spleen via ultrasound scan.  When the spleen is not activated, the blood flow is minimal.  After two days the spleen’s blood flow is much better, indicating vaso-dilation.  Administered via nebuliser, the effects last about 5 days.  Which is why the original administering protocol was every 5 days.

GcMAF boosts immune system – real life examples of GcMAF at work


Example: Subject 1 – only had GcMAF has a food product.  Subject had multiple thyroid nodules, and anaemia which is very common in thyroid tumours.  Small tumour inside, areas of hyper-vascularisation.  Nodule of 3cm.


CD4 tests conducted – these are the most important tests in the immune system.  People living with HIV/AIDS observed an increase in CD4 count when they consumed probiotic yoghurts.


Originally 372 cells of CD4 (abnormally low value), but after 3 weeks of Bravo Probiotic went to normal range of 609 and then after a few more weeks went up to 853.  Ratio of CD4 to CD8 increased which means the stimulation of the immune system was fully consistent.  NK cells are very important in the innate immune system because they play a role in the rejection of tumours  and cells infected by viruses.  Original NK cells doubled 165 to 397 in 10 weeks only via the administration of GcMAF through the dreadful dairy food product.


Red blood cells from 4million 55, to 450.

Platelets went up.  Why?  Does GcMAF stimulate the bone marrow?  Not directly, but through the nitric oxide.  So you produce more red blood cells, platelets, more white blood cells etc. which boosts your immune system in a general way.

GcMAF takes care of inflammation


Subject 1’s neutrophils went down from 77 to 55%.  Albumin/globulin ratio increased that means more albumin (good protein), less globulin (antibodies) from 117 to 166 whereas two proteins that indicate an inflammatory status, they are contained proteins of the complement complexes, C3 and C4, decreased from 126 to 33 to 19.  So if you have stimulation of the immune system, and decrease of the science of inflammation which is exactly what you want to achieve when you are dealing with cancer.


Subject 2 from Austria had undergone surgery for colon cancer.  He had multiple lung metastases, was undergoing chemotherapy with a monoclonal antibody during the consumption of GcMAF-based food product.  Some of you are afraid that chemotherapy decreases the function of the immune system .  But GcMAF as the food product can counteract this and further stimulate the immune system.


CD4 cells rose from 625 to 829.  Monocytes (circulating macrophages) rose from 372 to 432.  CEA decreased from 64 to normal level of 5.5.


C-reactive protein decreased (chemotherapy causes inflammation) from 5.5 to normal level.  Fibrinogen (another indicator of inflammation) decreased and the neutrophils decreased.

Don’t look at blood analysis

But when you have cancer, don’t look at blood analysis – they don’t tell the truth.  People who die of extensive cancer can have perfectly normal blood analysis.  People with who are perfectly healthy with no cancer can have abnormal blood analysis.  Look at images.

More examples of GcMAF at work



  • Look at the Cat scans of the thorax/lungs and the German doctors wrote:  (Dec 6, 2011) – eine grosenregrendienz which … means a significant reduction … from 56 to 48 mm = 40% reduction.  The tumour kept on shrinking to 46mm.


  • Finally, I want to show you some images obtained in this clinic – this is breast cancer – 2 weeks of combined treatment (Bravo probiotic, injections and suppositories, high-fat/high-protein/low-carb diet) – 179mm decreased to 136mm.  At the growing part of the tumour we see there is a decrease of 4.7mm to 3.5mm = 58% decrease in volume.  Another lesion – 4.6mm to 4.0mm = 34% reduction in volume.
  • Another patient – difficult to measure.  From 169 to 129 in 2 weeks.  Growing part of tumour shrank from 6.9 to 5.8 = 43% in two weeks.
  • Another patient – not a malignant tumour.  She had malignant myeloma – which can’t be measured using an ultrasound scan.  However, this patient had in her breast a cyst (an abnormal proliferation of breast cells) in 3 weeks went down from 5.4 to 3.7 = 68% reduction in volume.  This was taken care of by GcMAF and she was a consumer of Bravo probiotic, i.e. dairy.
  • Another malignant metastasis breast cancer – 28% in one week.
  • On average we are observing a reduction of 25% of volume when we can measure the volume, in one week.  These are the results that are consistent with the results from the Japanese, and oncologists and radiologists expect.
  • Upper quadrant in breast of tumour – 27% reduction in one week.
  • Another tumour – 36% reduction.  Liver metastasis – GcMAF administered suppositories so that the GcMAF is led directly into the liver – reduction in two weeks.
  • Cancer of the esophagus – we took the central part as a reference, reduction of 27% in one week.
  • Decrease of ascitic fluid in a lady who had been given six days to live (from Mediterranean area) in Nov 2013.  She had metastatic pancreatic cancer.  She could not eat anything.  The only thing that kept her alive was Bravo Probiotic and injections of GcMAF into her abdomen.  In mid-Feb 2014 she is alive and well and on Facebook with Dr Thyer.  The ascitic fluid that was due to the proliferating cancer cells was reduced after 2 weeks’ of treatment.
  • Another subject – liver metastasis – 301mm volume is 11ml.  Three weeks after the GcMAF treatment using nebuliser and Bravo Probiotic and subQ injections.  Reduction to 259mm and volume is 6.6ml (less than half).

The gcmaf.eu advantage – working with HAMLET complexes and oleic acid

We are one of several groups working with GcMAF, our advantage is working with HAMLET complexes making GcMAF more lethal.

Oleic acid is called an absorption enhancer.

Take another protein, insulin, that has to be delivered through injections, if you simply complex it with oleic acid, it can now be delivered sub-lingually.  The decrease in blood sugars that you expect is much more physiological when insulin is administered through the sub-lingual route, but only if complexed with oleic acid which is an absorption-enhancer.

The same holds true for viagra – which works through nitric oxide, and some side-effects are headaches.  There are preparations of viagra associated with oleic acid that can be nebulised.

Oleic acid is considered an absorption-enhancer by pharmocological circles.  Which is why Goleic (unlike the old GcMAF) can be administered using a nebuliser and if you are a responder, you see immediately a drop in your blood pressure.  It doesn’t mean the GcMAF is killing tumour cells, it means that it is stimulating your alveoli macrophages, they produce nitric oxide which lowers your blood pressure.


Questions and Answers

Question:  On the GcMAF website there is reference to phenotypes – and one genotype of the VDR polymorphism isn’t a responder.

Answer:  This was a discovery that Prof Ruggiero made with Yamamoto and presented at the Worlds Aids Congress 2010.  This genotyping can be done, but now that we have goleic which can be administered with a nebuliser, we can establish whether you are a responder just through the blood pressure.  I take your blood pressure, I give you goleic with the nebuliser, I monitor your blood pressure.  If it goes down, you are a responder.

Question:  Should the dairy products be raw, instead of pasteurised?

Answer:  Dairy products nowadays may contain a lot of junk that you don’t want to introduce into your bodies.  But all the molecules are killed by boiling.  Whatever was there, hormones etc., boiling kills the biological activity of all molecules.  Of course, to buy the best source is better.  There are very few molecules that are not inactivated by boiling.  This means that I strongly favour dairy products but only if they undergo the process of boiling.


A number of readers have asked me about my experiences in the GcMAF treatment centre in Switzerland.  Unfortunately, I was made to sign a non-disclosure agreement about my treatments there so cannot post on any social media.

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  1. Hey it seems we have been on a very similar journey. Know Pete as well from Frankfurt and Halliwagen etc etc. I also go to Vogl and Klinik St George but doing very well with cannabis oil. Am based in Sydney and trying to accesss GcMaf yoghurt can you point me in right direction for getting everything to get started. pete showed me how to make it last year but things changed Ie HAMLET ?? just be good to buy it all and get started. love your blog and keep powering x ana

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